Sunday, May 10, 2009

Puzzle Effect Photos

Played Jigsaw puzzles?? Liked the challenge of compiling together pieces and creating a image out of it. Lets turn it back now and create a jigsaw puzzle out of an image.
To know how, read the tutorial at this link. Meanwhile, enjoy the puzzle pics...

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Puppy Humor

Some puppy humor on the first dog... Enjoy

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Out of Bound photos

An Out of Bounds photo referred to as OOB photo is a photograph which makes use of the image borders to add to the 3D feel of the image. To find out how much fun these are read ( I mean, see) the full post...

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Calculate your age in Dog Years

Do you know how old are you ? And, do you know how much elder are you to your pup... Well, then calculate your age in dog years first... Dog years!!! yes, dogs have their own ageing system... Find out here... woof!!!

Enter your age

Your age in Dog Years is:

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Facebook Emoticons & Smileys

A quick view and keyboard shortcuts for smileys to put in your facebook interactions. Here you go...

Facebook emoticon smilie emote for smile!
Happy emote: :) or :-)

Facebook emoticon smilie emote for a big smile!
Really happy emote: :D or :-D

Facebook emoticon smilie emote for wink!
Wink emote: ;) or ;-)

Facebook chat emote for happy eyes!
Happy eyes: ^_^

Facebook chat emote for laughing eyes!
Laughing eyes: >:o

Facebook chat emote for cat smile!
Cat smile: :3

Facebook chat emote for grumpy!
Grumpy: >:-(

Facebook chat emoticon for sad face!
Sad: :( or :-(

Facebook emoticon smilie emote for crying!
Crying emote: :’(

Facebook emoticon smilie emote for shocked!
Shocked emote: :o or :-o

Facebook emoticon smilie emote for cool!
Glasses emote: 8) or 8-)

Facebook chat emote for cool!
Cool shades: 8-|

Facebook chat emoticon for tongue out!
Rude: :p or :-p

Facebook chat emote for WOOT?!
Woot?!: O.o

Facebook emoticon smilie emote for ummmm!
Dork emote: -_-

Facebook emoticon smilie emote for not amused!
Duhhh emote: :/ or :\

Facebook chat emote for Devil!
Devil emote: 3:)

Facebook chat emote for angel!
Angel emote: O:)

Facebook emoticon smilie emote for a kiss!
Kiss emote: :-* or :*

Facebook emoticon smilie emote for a love heart!
Love emote: <3

Facebook chat emote for Pacman!
Pacman: :v

Facebook chat emote for robot!
Robot: :|]

Facebook chat emote for weird guy\'s face!
Weird guy’s face: :putnam:

All these are courtesy :
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Sunday, July 6, 2008

What's an emoticon exactly

New age internet lingo has often popped us new words which we don't find in traditional dictionary. One of these new age words is emoticon. But what's an emoticon exactly.


An emoticon is a version of shorthand developed by Internet users to help express emotions and thoughts without typing out the words. One dictionary definition of emoticons says that they . . . "are a very clever use of standard punctuation marks to express a human emotion."
When we communicate face to face, non-verbal communication, such as body language, facial expressions and tone of voice plays a crucial part in how someone interprets what we say. Emoticons allow us to personalize and put non-verbal communication into our written messages, to create e-mail moods. The key to communication is language; the emotion allows people to express feelings quickly and effectively through written word.

Origin of Emoticons

The origin of the original emoticon, the basic smiley face :-), is a matter of some dispute. Kevin Mackenzie is often credited with creating the first emoticon as the "tongue in cheek" symbol in 1979.

Others point to Scott Fahlman, who created the first digital smiley face and the first virtual frown in 1982. These were the first smiley faces that were not simply made of keyboard characters. In the 1980s, Howard Ball created a different form of the digital smiley face, the yellow upright smiley face that can now be downloaded off the Internet. Howard Ball is a graphic artist who created the first smiley as part of a morale boosting campaign.

Varied Emoticons

There are basic emoticons and smileys used in email messages to express emotions. Many people use Emoticons, they are a very popular form of shorthand for portraying emotions within email or instant messaging. There are thousands of emoticons located on the Internet and more are being created everyday. Here are a few of the more commonly used emoticons:

The classic smiley face (happy, grin)


The simpler variation


The frown (unhappy)

>:-< Mad or angry

:-o Surprise or shock

:-D Laughing or very happy

:-@ Screaming or shouting

;-) Smile with a wink (joking, kidding, or sarcasm

How to Create and Understand Emoticons

Emoticons are made through the use of different combinations of numbers, letters and punctuation symbols that are found on a standard computer keyboard. There are hundreds and even thousands of emoticons that have been created. Emoticons have been created to represent almost everything, for example:

*<:-) Santa Claus

:---) Pinocchio

8-) Wearing sunglasses

+<:-) The Pope

C=:-) Chef

*<):0) Clown

?:^[] Jim Carrey

5:-) Elvis

:-.) Cindy Crawford

%-) A Happy Drunk

Emoticons created by keyboard characters are not always obvious when viewed horizontally. To see the face instead of just a string of different symbols, you need to tilt your head to the left, so that the right side of the emoticon becomes the bottom. Newer software packages allow users to use small images instead of a string of keyboard characters.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Super Slow Motion

1 Second...split second...nano second...
and all captured in your camera....
wow... camera techniques have been enhanced beyond imagination now to help us capture split second movement in super slow motion...

Slow-motion replays highlight important and exciting events in sports videos. Works for slow-motion use replay detection and may employ production rules such as frame repetition, special video effects and transitions. Further we can have slow-motion replays in sports video based on the difference of motions between slow-motion replays and normal shots within the same shot class. Experiments on different types of sports videos have produced exceptional videos.
Here is a compilation of some split-second videos.

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Euro 2008 emoticons

Euro 2008 is on and the fever is at it highest on all forms of media : TV, radio, internet and messengers. Did I say messenger... well, then why don't I have emoticons for them... Here they are ...Goal
All of these football/soccer emoticons and smileys are animated, and free to download from this site.
They have got a broad range of emoticons representing all teams in the tournament, so you're bound to find an emoticon which you like. Every emoticon will work with MSN and Live Messenger, and they have also got HTML codes so you can use the emoticons on forums, blogs and MySpace.
Nervous football

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Create Web 2.0 logos

I know you must have got bored of traditional fonts and in Web 2.0 age, you prefer to have those cool , slick logos reflecting smooth edges and crystal refelctions. Here's how...

Go to site :

Enter you text,
Select font color, type, size
You can also add reflection proximity
as a bonus override the logo with some other symbols
And finally, save it in PNG, GIF or JPEG format. you get something like this .. howzatt

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Animation going out of control

heard of bio tech experiments going wrong.. frankensteins being created and molecular mutants playing havoc with the world!
well, what happens if an animator's creation goes crazy and against you ? Dont understand what I am talking of. Watch the video to believe yourself.

Animator vs. Animation by *alanbecker on deviantART
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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Right paper and pencil for that perfect drawing

There is always a query in one's mind as to whats the best paper and best pencil when one starts foray into serious pro drawing. Although experts would say pick up and draw it up, don't care to even think about material; the fact is that it always adds up to enhance effect of your drawing if you are using right paper and pencil.

Here is a informative video which tells you how to pick paper and pencil for your drawings. Interesting video not just for pencil art lovers but also for serious painting enthusiasts.

More interesting learning videos can be found here
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Saturday, June 7, 2008

One World One Dream One Olympics

Gearing up for olympics?!
Ready for the run, pulled up the socks and all set to take the plunge ! Well... here is one video which shows the energy, enthusiasm, excitement, agony, applause, desire and dreams associated with this one of a kind event held every 4 years.

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Predicting Euro 2008 winners

Here is a cool widget to predict and check euro 2008 winners. Check what others think will hit the post

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pencil Art animation picks

Is animation all about 3D and wireframes now ? Not exactly. Pencil art animation still remains a form to relish and enjoy...

Just for a break, let's get the colors removed out; 3D replaced with 2D and wireframes with pencils..yes, I am talking of pencil art animation. It seems like a good break from the glitzy and ever realistic animation. Remind you of the simple and pure way of drawing and not so simple and pure way of animating.

Sharing with you some picks on this form of animation

how amusing it can be

how many messages it can convey

how easy it can be

And if this inspires you to doodle something, drawing day is just round the corner !! Its on 7th June.
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Monday, May 26, 2008

Tune Picks - Raven, Enrique

Cool Tune picks
So we want to get on the bus or want to get on humming on to Enrique! I thought I would share with you some of the cool picks from Raven and Enrique. Warm and soothing to ears, these 2 tunes are 5 star tracks. Enjoy!

Raven Symone - Double Dutch Bus
"Double Dutch Bus” originally came out back in the early '80s. Raven-Symone has mixed the disco and funk sounds in her updated version from the College Road Trip soundtrack. Just the type of song to blast out of your car window on a ride.

Sing it out - Lyrics all for you

Search iTunes for this song

Enrique Iglesias - Don't turn off the lights
Son of a singing legend, lover boy of Anna Kournokiva, Enrique certainly has a charm of his own. This song is from the album Escape and this video is a stage performance for the song. This song is kind of soothing, warm and very pleasant to the ears.

Sing it out - Lyrics all for you

Search iTunes for this song

Disclaimer: Pls contact video or lyrics source in case of any copyright or legal concerns. This sub site promotes legal download of music and content.
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